For Your Birthday

Belgrade, September 5, 2020

 The year of the first new co-production: 2020
The gift book which in mid-80ies was the international bestseller (editions in: U.K., USA, Spain, Italy, Holland, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia), over 150.000 copies published and sold.
The remake 2020: with brilliant new illustrations –
The aim & age group : preschool 4-6 and early school groups, 7-9. The main purpose: such a book is daily requested gift which, as a subject, does not exist anywhere. The focus on the birthday event can easily be changed (a few small texts: Only For You) for any other occasion requested by the buyer.
The book is addressed directly to the child that celebrates; it starts in the morning & finishes in the evening of that day, with numerous presents that have the purposes to entertain, teach and emphasis main moral categories that the child needs to know in its own way, based on – love.
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Stories from the forest

Dear Children,
I know that you love forests because they are nice, shady and full of small and big surprises. This forest of ours has weaved out exciting stories about its inhabitants, creatures that love, feel, rejoice and wish the same way children often do.
Besides, the inhabitants of this forest and meadows are mainly wise, goodhearted, joyful and ready to entertain you and to send you some important messages that you will remember during your whole life. And here it is why.
The Frog’s Wedding will show you how important it is to be unselfish, responsible and ready to help, to understand and be pleasant with the others so that they do not feel alone and forgotten in the world.
The Blue Monkey is something quite different. This little one will show you, after all wanderings and running away, where is the right place for each child, no matter if it is pretty and strong like the others or with a different face, colour or clothes. It will also show you where to look for love and protection in the world that sometimes can be dangerous and not very pleasant.
The Wolf’s Game… ahem, I am sure you have heard about the good old saying that children in the whole world are equally innocent, unselfish and looking for joy and play, no matter the colour of their skin, strength of their body, richness or poverty. But… we sometimes have to remind parents of it. Hopefully only sometimes.
The Cricket’s Music. Well, we have to remember this story too, because you always have to do what you believe and wish so much that it is more important than anything else. Thanks to perseverance, resist to temptations and with the strong belief you will succeed and be the best in what you are doing. And.. . do not forget to always be in search of beauty and kindness. When you find it, keep it firm and well.
The Firefly’s Night Watch will conjure you up that the moonless night which seems to be very quiet and fallen asleep … in fact is not! The twinkling light of the tiny but hard working firefly helps to the forest creatures not to get astray, but to find their way to home, joy and happiness.

Finally, something very

IMPORTANT: take care of the behaviour of these forest creatures, because they act and react the same way as the forest inhabitants in real life.


Following the charming story and the entertaining travel through the most important destinations,
the child enjoys in the story of amusing animal characters and learns a lot about our nearby world presented in 42 stories enriched
with numerous and very precious captions.